​Michael McKinnon

A little bit about me...

​​I am a 21 year-old singer-songwriter born and raised in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and currently based out of Milwaukee working towards a performance degree in Finger-Style Guitar under John Stropes. I have been involved in music for the better part of my life, starting off with the 5th grade musical and moving onto recording a couple of albums, one of which was professionally done.

My primary skill sets involve guitar, pertaining to Finger-style that I am currently studying, along with singing and playing a combination of covers and originals. I play a variety of styles through covers, but my primary writing style is a cocktail of folk and alternative.

​I have always loved what I do and to share my passion with those willing to listen is a passion in and of itself. Music is a gift and as per the commonality of gifts, it brings happiness to give as much as it does to receive.